Tuesday, October 12, 2010

toto baby "costume"

Last year, I made all of our costumes in the Wizard of Oz theme.  Samuel was the Tin Man, Xavier was the Scarecrow, Rora was Dorothy, and our one-month-old baby, Zoram was Toto.

Since he was such a young baby, but growing rapidly, I made the Toto "costume" a blanket/hooded towel.

I used faux fur for the outside, and lined it with fleece.  It was just a rectangle (about 1 yard size) with a smaller rectangle for the hat, attached to the center of one of the long sides.

I sewed little triangles out of the corners of the hood for his little ears, and then painted a nose and snout on his little face, and placed him in a basket.

This way, I could have him dressed up and snugly warm, but when it was time to feed him, or he just decided he was done, I could easily take him out--the best of both worlds!  Also, if he grew, I didn't have to worry about his costume not fitting.

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