Friday, October 15, 2010

dorothy costume (simplicity 4139)

Dorothy was the final installment to out Wizard of Oz themed Halloween last year!  I used Simplicity #4139, and made Rora into the cutest little Dorothy ever!!

There were a few things I really loved about this pattern:  first, I can reuse it to make Rora into a witch (like this year,) or a princess, or a fairy with the pattern pieces they give you in this pattern.

Second, I hate when a Dorothy costume is all one piece, and you can tell from a distance.  In the movie, Judy Garland wore a shirt with a gingham jumper over the top of it.  I really dislike when the "shirt" attaches to the top of the jumper, but for a small child I can see the value in having the costume all one piece.  This pattern was the best of both worlds.

The costume was all one piece, but the only place you could tell that was on the zipper in the back because the shirt attached at the skirt, not the top of the jumper!  Hooray and huzzah!

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