Monday, December 27, 2010


So, I kind of left you all hanging after Wednesday! 

Hopefully, you (like myself) were all busy enough on your own that you didn't need my Simple Kids' Christmas ideas.  To satisfy your curiosity, however, we ended up making foam ornaments with the troublemakers' grandma, baking Santa's sugar cookies, making little treats, and much of our time was spent keeping our house clean to impress Santa (which he was.)

Oh, and sewing . . . lots and lots of sewing, but that all happened while the troublemakers were sleeping or out, since all of them still believe in Santa this year (and sadly, this could be the last year that was so.)

The good news is that now that the gifts have all been opened, I'll be able to post the things I was able to get done for you to see during the coming days.

Hopefully you all had a good Christmas filled with family, love, warmth, and fun, like we did!

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