Monday, November 29, 2010

m & m pretzel treats

A week or so ago, I found this recipe via a linky party, and have been dying to try it.

The recipe (and corresponding nativity legend card) were found at My Computer is My Canvas.

Just like everything else, I changed it up just a tiny bit . . . not that it makes it mine, but maybe it'll get you thinking about what you would change, too.

We decided to try some different flavors.  We used one bag of candy cane kisses on one half of the tray, and a bag of mint truffle kisses on the other half.

Also, we used the new pretzel M & M's candies instead of originals (although that was more out of necessity than anything else--they were the only ones in the holiday colors at the store,--but they turned out good, and I think I'll do that again when I make these for my neighbors.

These turned out to be the most delicious little treats ever!

They're a great, inexpensive idea for neighbor gifts this Christmas, since the number included in each little bag can be adjusted based on the size of the family you're giving them to.

One thing that was not mentioned in the original recipe that is helpful is that if you have a pair of little--maybe 5 & older--hands (or two) that are available to help, use them!  Unwrapping all those kisses and placing all the M & M's can be a tedious task--although I wouldn't use tiny little hands because they're not steady enough not to knock the tray around and shift them all!!

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Tonia said...

Why do I not live closer to you. Sigh. I wonder how they would taste with the caramel kisses. Don't they have those? I thought I saw them last year. I'm sticking this one on my list for shopping today. You're right, its a great idea for neighbors....if they last that long.