Saturday, November 27, 2010

"fancy" table cloths

First off, I want to apologize for the wrinkled state of everything in the pictures.

I had every intention of taking pictures of the table as it was set, and before we sat down to eat Thanksgiving dinner.  It didn't happen, however.  I was running around finishing up the meal and being asked a thousand different questions by people trying to help, and I completely forgot until we had all started eating.

So, I set a table back up today (minus the dishes) so that you could see the table cloths I made for the big meal this year.

But that's real life, right?

So, without further ado, here it is:

I have nobody with any kind of expertise to back me up, but I'm going to declare myself an expert because this is the Internet, and you can do that right? 

In my opinion, making a table look expensive/fancy is less about expensive fabric and more about layers.

Just like the layered look is "in" when it comes to fashion, I'm going to venture out and say that it's "in" for table decor, as well.

So, all of my fabrics are some kind of cotton.  That way they can be easily laundered (because we eat dinner with little people, and little people {and I} make messes.)

The white table cloths are one large rectangle, which I measured to go floor to floor on the table I would be using.

The yellow squares are 45" by 45" and simply serged around the outside.  I placed them on the table overlapping in the middle with a corner hanging off each of three sides.

Finally, the table runner is long enough to run the length of the table and hang half way down the ends of the table to the floor (at the point.)  I then added a tassel for an extra touch, which the 3-year-old troublemaker loved and declared her best friend because she had to hold it in her hand and stroke it gently the rest of the day.

I topped the whole thing off with the candle jars I made . . . oh, and dishes, of course.

Once again, I tried to make things cost efficient by using colors that can be reused, like white underneath, and the red table runner for Christmas.  All I'll have to do is make some new squares in green!


Meg said...

What a fun and colorful tablescape! I'm lovin' the layered look you created. What a fun idea for a holiday! Great job!

Tonia said...

I like the laundry friendly part!