Tuesday, December 21, 2010

time crunch

Did anyone else wake up at 5:30 this morning in a panic that Christmas is 4 days away, and there is far too much sewing to do?  I did.

I think from the post about this year's Halloween costumes, you've probably gathered that I'm a procrastinator.  Remember all that flannel I bought at the Black Friday sale?  Well, it's not made into pajamas, yet.  As of this evening, I have them all finally cut out, but none of the assembly has begun.

Also on the list is the prettiest troublemakers' main gift.  She's very into dress-ups lately, and she's (hopefully) getting a whole slew of them from Santa.

Lucky for me, I have awesome parents.

My mom called me today and asked if she and my dad could take my 3 oldest troublemakers (the potty trained ones) with them to deliver Christmas pies to their siblings tomorrow.

Doesn't seem that heroic, does it?

Except when you account for the fact that this involves delivering to homes more than one hour north of our house, and roughly half an hour to the south of our house, with many stops in between.  I nearly cried when I realized I would be down to one child for several hours, which will help me make a significant dent in what needs to be done during the next 3 nights.

Thank goodness for the little miracles!


Vivian said...

they are taking my kid too!! We have the coolest parents ever.

Heidi said...

Can they take mine too? :)