Friday, June 24, 2011

what do you love about summer?

Summer-time crafting is much more difficult.  With my two older kids at home, it becomes harder to occupy all my troublemakers at the same time so that I can sew something.  Plus, it's finally getting warm enough to swim, hike, etc, so we've been away from home a lot more.

I have finished painting the new bedroom in the unfinished portion of our house that we've been working on, and carpeting should be next, after which I'll post some "after" photos.

For now, I'm going to show to some of the things I love about summer and having the kids home:

French toast for breakfast:
I realize french toast can be made during the school year, but with me as their mother, my kids don't stand a chance.  I don't make my kids a hot breakfast as often as I should, and when I do, it's not served before 9 am.  So, now that school is out, hot breakfast happens more often.

The oldest and the youngest troublemakers sharing story time in the morning:
He even helps Graham with the "touching" part of the touch-and-feel books! (gushing)

Pedicures with friends:
This was actually my very first pedicure in all of my 29 years.  After we all got our pedicures, we wanted to take a picture of our cute toes, so we went to a store with cute shoes and "tried on" a pair for the picture.  Notice how all of our feet are tied together with the security tags?  It was quite a feat to get all of us that close together while our ankles were tied up!!

Summer-time fruit:
I love that fresh fruit is all over the place during the summer, and snack time becomes infinitely easier!  (Notice the hand in his pocket?  This is a new discovery for Zoram, and I think it's just adorable!!)

Catching bugs:
The world is so exciting in the summer time with all the extra life outside.

Bare baby feet:
Need I say more?

Taking turns on the swings:
Less than two years apart, troublemakers 3 & 4 don't always get along.  It's very sweet to see them taking turns and pushing each other on the swing set.

At less than a nickel each, how much better does it get than a cold snack on the back porch?

What are some of your favorite things about summer?

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Tonia said...

Wow, this SO made me miss you! I want our kids to eat otter pops together and go out for pedicures! I want a summer that also does not mean high humidity and mosquitoes. I do admit I love that the pools are open in the summertime. Now, I am going to play a game. It's called 'guess which foot is Audreys'. I am going to go for the pair on the left - brown shoes with dark red polish. Am I right?