Friday, July 15, 2011

jeans to skirt

This project has been a long time coming.

I bought these jeans at a thrift shop because if you find jeans with a 30" waist and a 36" inseam, you just don't pass them up.

Unfortunately, even after paying only $6 for the jeans, I never wore them because the seam from waist to crotch was too long.  I felt like I was wearing men's pants; they sagged and bunched under my crotch and I just didn't feel sexy in them!

So, I decided to make them into a knee-length jean skirt--something which I've never been able to find for myself because my legs are so long.  I used the bottom of the jeans that I cut off to fill the triangle-shaped gaps created by cutting the legs apart.  I'm so happy with the results!




Vivian said...

When I complimented this skirt, I somehow missed that you had made it! It's really cute and I want one.

Meg said...

This looks great! Now you'll wear it all the time! Perfect for summer.