Thursday, June 16, 2011

free father's day gift

Last year, I wanted to play around in Window's Movie Maker to make my husband a cute little video as an "extra" Father's Day gift.  The video turned out to be his favorite Father's Day gift, ever.

Because he loved it so much, I've made him another one this year, which turned out equally as sweet.  I thought I would share with you how I did it, if you would like to make one of your own.  (I'm not going to get very technical, but Movie Maker is fairly easy to use, and I would be more than happy to answer any questions e-mailed to me--if I know the answer, that is.) 

At the end of the post, I've included last year's video as an example.  {Please excuse the horrible video quality!}

The first thing I did was to come up with a list of questions to ask our kids.  Include things like, "What is Daddy's name?  Age?  Where does he work?  His favorite color?  Occupation?"  Older children could be asked to share a favorite story, or quality about dad.

I asked all the kids the same questions, including the kiddos that can't talk yet and recorded their answers responses.  Smiles, cooing, or even a sleeping baby are still sweet to watch, even if they can't answer vocally.

**Tip:  When recording the interviews, try to leave a few seconds buffer before and after their responses so that it is easier to edit down to just them talking.**

After recording all your interviews, use Movie Maker to "split" your videos into clips with just their responses to each question.  I then organized mine so that a question was posed, and then each child's response plays, and then the next question, and so on.

Because no one likes to hear themselves talk, I used title pages to ask the questions in the final product. 

At the end of the interviews, compile a series of photos of Dad just being him.  Both videos I've done, I've used pictures only from the past year, but you could use pictures from the first baby's pregnancy and forward, if you want a more comprehensive video.

While the photos are playing, it's nice to have something to listen to, so pick a song that means something to Dad and add that to the video.  Last year I chose 1,2,3,4 by Plain White T's.  Once the song is in the video, spend some time lengthening or shortening the amount of time each photo is displayed so that the song and the pictures end at the same time.

After the interviews and the photos, I like to put a final message using title page(s) and the end credits.

Finally, feel free to play around with the transitions and slide effects.  You can make your photos ripple, pan across them, etc.  When you have the video the way you want it, save it in a file that Dad won't look at until Father's Day, and wait to surprise him!

**One final tip:  Save, and save often!  These videos can be a lot of work, so you don't want to lose any of that time**

Here is the video I made last year.  I'm going truly embarrass my husband and report that he cried real tears while watching this.  Then, I posted it on our family blog, and my mom cried real tears too.  My kids sure do love their "Papi," and the seven years he has been such have been very rewarding.  It's nice to be able to look back at all the times we've had together.

For a free gift, it doesn't get any better!

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