Tuesday, September 27, 2011

deep cleaning

At the encouragement of my best friend, I've decided to show you the mundane things that have been eating up my time as of late.

I called her one day to complain that I dislike deep cleaning because no one ever notices.

No one is ever going to climb up on top of my counters to look above my cupboards and notice how clean they are. 

Nor are they going to open up the cupboards under my sink, or the countless drawers that used to be filled with masses of junk, but are now stocked with properly organized junk.

When looking inside my fridge, they probably will not notice that all the glass shelves are once again clear, as opposed to sticky and cloudy like they started out this week.

My husband notices all these things (partially because when I see him at the end of a long day of seemingly unproductive cleaning, I drag him to the things I've done and make him look underneath, on top of, and inside all the areas I've been working on so hard that day,) and now I'm going to give you a chance to "notice" them, as well.

Under the kitchen sink:
A few days ago, this area was the catch-all for miscellaneous kitchen items that didn't have a home.  However, since we also keep a lot of our cleaning supplies under here, it seemed an oxymoron to leave it in the state it was.

Above my cabinets:

See this cabinet?
the top has been scrubbed clean,:

as have the tops of these cabinets.:

Nobody but those within my own family would look at this closet and think it looks "amazing," but if you had seen my crafting supplies a week ago, you might have thought I owned the company that makes plastic shopping bags because that is how it was all stored.
This closet also happens to be where the extra toilet paper is kept, and look out if you needed to re-stock the bathroom because this closet was an open-at-your-own-risk, knee-deep hazard.

These are not the only areas that have been subjected to deep cleaning lately, but they are the only ones I took photos of.  (Even I realize you can only indulge me for so long.)

While cleaning the tops of my kitchen cabinets, I discovered that the installers drilled no fewer than 17 holes in the wall looking for a stud!  I guess it's kind of a good thing that nobody ever climbs up to look at the tops of the cabinets because I really don't feel like fixing what no one will ever see!


Tonia said...

I needed a good laugh today. The top of your cabinets look beeeeautiful!

Life's a Dance said...

Ok. So I have started painting the 1/2wall between my front room and my kitchen. I have to say that after many hours wiping the grim and nastiness off the top of my cupboards - YOURS LOOK AMAZING! Way to go! That is no easy task. And the holes in the wall just cracked me up. Go woodside. :)