Tuesday, May 31, 2011

memorial day "crafting"

We have been finishing a bedroom, hallway, and two closets in our basement.  It's been a long slow process since we're doing the work ourselves.

Things are really coming together.  We've finished priming, and painting the ceilings and trim white.  Soon we'll roll the wall color, but yesterday we finished up the white by painting the doors.  There are 4 of them, and it took up a lot of the day, but I got them done!

It's not much fun to look at pictures of white doors, but I'm proud of them and wanted to show them off (and I'm hoping that by showing the progress I made over the weekend, it'll push me toward finishing other things up in a timely manner.)

And so, without further ado . . . my white doors!

Since I'm such a go-getter, while I was waiting for paint to dry between coats, I started taping off the ceiling.

And there you go--the sum of my "craftiness" during the Memorial Day holiday.  What did you do with your "extra" time . . . as if there really were such a thing?!


Tonia said...

It's totally Memorial Day craftiness! Look at all that red, white, and blue in your pictures!
We moved people. Lots of people. After moving everyone else's junk I came home and vowed to get rid of all our junk. No one needs as much stuff as we seemed to move yesterday.

Tonia said...

p.s. I started a summer craft/art club for the kids in our ward over the summer. I might be calling you for help at some point!