Tuesday, January 4, 2011

princess skirt

I wanted to make Rora a whole bunch of dress-ups for Christmas, but only two of them got done.  (Such is the life of a procrastinating, pregnant mother-of-four-almost-five.  I will never get as much done as I want.)

The first, and most important dress-up to make was a princess skirt (to go with her princess crown.)

Once again, I made up my own pattern (I am on a roll, people!!)

I didn't do a tutorial as I was making it, so if there is interest, I can quickly make another one with step-by-step pictures . . . so, let me know!

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Vivian said...

DO IT! Tutorial!!

Veronica said...

Oh come on now. What on earth do you have going on in your life that would keep you from making an entire wardbrobe of dress up clothes??? Ha ha.

Do a turtorial! With ALLLLLL your extra time ;)

famr_4evr said...

I would so love a tutorial!! I will be making three (3) of these!! Maybe more for the nieces.

Meg said...

I agree--tutorial, please! I love it! The little flaps (see how good I am at lingo?) are adorable. And the little princess is pretty cute, too. Thanks for sharing!

Missy said...

Audrey, I must have a pattern or a tutorial.