Monday, August 9, 2010

planned spontaneity

Sometimes I dream of creating my own patterns; being spontaneous; taking scissors, fabric, and my sewing machine, and just creating; doing what just seems to come natural to Sarah.  I'll even say it right out loud . . . I'm jealous.  I was absolutely baffled that just months after learning to sew, Sarah had created her own little sundress.

I'm a planner.  I can't do much of anything without planning both a primary plan and a back-up plan.  I try to be easy-going and go with the flow, but only so long as it fits within my planned parameters.  I use patterns because they make me feel safe--as long as I measure, cut, and sew exactly, I can't mess it up (reads fail.)  Yes, I have issues, but we can talk about that later.

So, I planned to be more like Sarah . . .

I wanted to make a skirt for Rora.  I wanted it to have a flat top, a bubble hem, and maybe a gather somewhere in between.  I wanted buttons down the side and cute, flowing fabric.

I made a pattern: there were drawings, measurements, and more drawings.  (I guess I'm not all that good at spontaneity!)

Whether it was over-planned or not, I feel like it came out okay.  There are still things I want to do to tweak my pattern, but I'll probably use it again.

I feel proud of myself.  I stretched outside my comfort zone of using a pattern that someone else has perfected.  I feel like I just created my very first pattern!!

Just wait . . . this has created a monster.  There are more plans for spontaneity in the future!

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