Tuesday, August 3, 2010

paper sewing

A women's organization that I belong to gave me a notebook at the beginning of the year.  It was a simple, college ruled notebook.  They instructed me to make it my own.  So, I did.  I covered it in cute paper, embellished it with my graveyard of scrapbooking stuff that I haven't used since I started using digital scrapbooking, and made it cute.  One of the "design elements" I used was to sew big, chunky stitches through the edge of the front cover to represent my love affair with sewing.

Unfortunately, I made the notebook a little too much my own, because just like everything else in my 4-child household, eventually it fell apart.  The flowers fell off, the glue didn't hold, and the cute paper began to peel . . . everywhere except where I had sewn through it!

And that inspired this little project:

My best friend is having her 5th and final child in a little over a month.  She lives in Texas, and I wanted to send her family a package with something for each member of the family to have when the new baby arrives.  I decided to capitalize on the Back to School sales and pick up notebooks and crayons.  The crayons will be housed in crayon rolls

For the notebooks, I traced around them onto fun scrapbook paper, glued it on, marked where I wanted the holes, and then sewed around the edges with thick thread/thin yarn.   It was a simple and fun little craft for the new baby's four older sisters!!
Stay tuned to find out what makes it into the package for Mom and Dad!!

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