Tuesday, March 29, 2011

look what i made!

Last Monday (8 days ago,) I went to the hospital.

They gave me these:

Then, they gave me this little guy (it's a boy!!):
{7 lbs 11 ozs, 20.5 inches}

Welcome to the world, and our family, Baby Graham!

Stay tuned for a few things I made to get ready for my little guy's arrival.


Vivian said...

Is that all there is to getting a baby? Sign me up! ;-) He's adorable.

Heidi said...

yay!!! He is beautiful!

.:Anna:. said...


Tonia said...

I liked how you introduced him with the first pic. I think he might just be one of your cutest crafts, there are only four more that I like quite as much.

Veronica said...

LOL, I love the title of this post. If I wasn't so huge and swollen myself, I'd come over to meet the guy. In a couple of weeks we will have to introduce our newest playmates to each other!