Tuesday, February 22, 2011

unobtrusive coat hooks

I have an adorable friend with whom I have a lot in common--not so much the adorable part, but other things.  She also is pregnant with her 5th baby (and due within 2 weeks of mine,) has the exact same style house as I, and loves to be creative.  Her creative strength, however lies with furniture and home improvement, which mine does not.

When Veronica posted this cute coat rack, I realized how much I hate this part of my house.  Puffy coats practically grabbing you as you enter, backpacks sprawled out on the floor (and half the time they're open and spilling the contents onto the floor.)

So, I stole her idea and followed her simple directions to replicated it . . . twice for my front entryway.

I can't even tell you how much I love it!  The coat tree was always overloaded and felt like it took up too much of the room.  Having everything flat against the walls really opens up the room and makes everything look cleaner and more organized.

Now I just need to get a cute floor mat for wet shoes during the winter.


Veronica said...

So I met this adorable friend...and I must say you are correct. She is truly adorable!! Glad you made the coat hooks. Paint is currently drying on a second one I'm making for the upstairs hallway. So glad to have junk off the floor!

Tonia said...

I did that in my kids room to hang up their 'red riding hood' capes and another for their 'beautiful tutus' that an adorable friend made them since I have no sewing skills!

Vivian said...

That looks great! I really like it!